Hommaru Goten (Hommaru Palace)


Kawagoe Castle was originally constructed by Ohta Doshin and his son, Dokan, by a command from Uesugi Mochitomo in order to compete with his opponent, Ashikaga Shigeuji. The remaining Hommaru Goten of Kawagoe Castle was rebuilt by Matsudaira Naritsune, a local lord of Kawagoe domain at the time, and is characterized by its sedate samurai-house architecture and is the only remaining part of Kawagoe Castle which once flourished with 1.7 million koku in Edo Period. (“koku” is a unit of measurement of wealth for subdivisions called “han”.) After the Meiji Restoration, the castle was gradually demolished and what remains today are the entrance hall, the main hall and the chief retainer room, which was relocated and rebuilt.

2-13-1 Kuruwa-machi Kawagoe City Saitama Prefecture
Hours: 9:00 – 17:00 ( Admission until 16:00 )
Admission: Adults 100 yen, Students (senior high school, university) 50 yen, Children under junior high school Free
Holidays: Every Monday (excluding Mondays that follow a holiday or the Kawagoe festival), days following holidays (excluding Saturdays and Sundays), 4th Friday of the month (excluding holidays), Dec 28 – Jan 4