Kumano Jinja (Kumano Shrine)

This shrine is located near Renjakucho Crossing. It was separately enshrined from Kumano Jinja Shrine in Kishuu Prefecture (now Wakayama and Mie Prefectures) by a second priest named nenyobuno and, since then, has been revered as “Ujigami (a guardian god in the area)” by residents of the Matsugo area. It is also known for the “Torino-ichi” (market where “kumade” good luck charms for businesses are sold), which is held on December 3 every year. Hoping to promote the health of people, Kumano-Jinja implemented “Ashibumi Kenkou Road (Healthy Stepping Road),” a pathway with many pebbles embedded. (It is supposed to be beneficial to health by stimulating the soles of one’s feet to improve blood circulation.) Many shrine visitors enjoy this.