Myozenji Temple

This is a Tendaishu temple where Bishamonten of the “Seven Divinities of Good Luck” are enshrined. People visit here as the first stop on the tour of temples dedicated to the Seven Divinities. It was established by Sonno-Houin, the 28th Semba-Chuin, for the pupose of commemorating his parents. The main image used to be the Yakushi-Nyorai when it was established. But now it is dedicated to Fudo-Myo-Oh as the main image with Amida Myorai, Kanzeou-bosatsu, and Bishamonten enshrined side-by-side. In the shrine grounds, is the stone “Satsumaimo Jizo (Sweet Potato Jizo),” built for the repose of the soul during the Muromachi-Era in 1693.