Toumyouji Temple


This is a Jishu temple located in Sidacho and established by Ippen, an itinerant preacher, in 1289. Kyokuuzo Bosatsu, the principal image of this temple, is an undisclosed statue produced by Jikaku Daishi. The image is enshrined in an operculated tetrahedral tower sculpted with reliefs of 6 Jizos (guardian child deities), with two Jizos standing side-by-side on three of the four walls, and an original story carved on the fourth wall. It is also known as the battlefield of Kawagoe Yasen (Kawagoe Night Battle) where 8,000 troops led by Hojo Ujiyasu defeated the allied force of 80,000 led by Uesugi Norimasa and others.